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PHOTOGRAPHY and Videography

Questionnaire – Wedding Photo and Video (for clients only)

Thank you for your time in filling this information out. This is vitally important information for us to give you the very best photography and film we can. Try not to skip any if at all possible.

NOTE: If you have an engagement or bridal portrait - order image 3 weeks before wedding to be sure it is there in time.

  • Wedding Questionnaire (Clients Only)
  • Basic Information for both Photography and Videography

The Details

Couple's Name

Wedding Date

What time does ceremony start?

Time photographer/videographer to start

Wedding Package (s) and Hour(s) Included

Wedding Venue Name and Address

Is this an indoor or outdoor wedding?

Reception Name and Address

We post about our weddings, shoots and events. We would love to tag and share with you! If you want - give us your social media tags:

Day of the Event Contact Name and Phone Number

What time will you arrive?

What time do you have venue until?

Are you getting ready there? Do you want getting ready photos/video? (allow 2.5 hours prior to ceremony)

Approximate number of guests expected

Wedding Planner/Coordinator name, phone and email

Will Coordinator be at wedding entire day?

If not us, Videographer name, phone and email

DJ name, phone and email

Number of Groomsmen

Number of Bridesmaids

How many flower girls / ring bearers

How will walk the bride down the aisle?

Will you use unity sand, braiding strands, other symbols?

Number of Bride Parents / Step Parents

Number of Groom Parents / Step Parents

Are there any special guests that you want to be photographed with?

Number of Bride Grandparents

Number of Groom Grandparents

Number of Ushers

Number of Bride Siblings. Are any part of the Bridal Party?

Number of Groom Siblings. Are any part of the Bridal Party?

Are there any special family circumstances that we should be aware of? (recent deaths, stressful divorces, dramas, etc.)

Will you have a cocktail hour before the reception starts?

What time does reception start and end?

Will you have a private "before" the reception starts dance?

Will you have a first couple's dance during reception? A dance with mom or dad?

Will there be formal toasts? How many and who?

Will you be cutting a wedding cake / groom's cake?

Will you toss a bouquet? Garter toss?

Are there any surprises that we need to know of such as special dances? We need to know to have our cameras in position to capture.

Will you have a private last dance at end of night?

Will you have a formal leaving that is real or staged? (we can explain if uncertain which is best for you)

Will you use sparklers, bubbles, etc. in your leaving? If so, what?

Do you have transportation such as a limo, etc.

IF YOU HIRED US FOR VIDEO HIGHLIGHT: Will you read your vows or a special letter before the wedding (very recommended!)

IF YOU HIRED US FOR VIDEO HIGHLIGHT: On our website, under videography - which highlight videos do you like the most?

IF YOU HIRED US FOR VIDEO HIGHLIGHT: What music do you like the most? blues, classical, country, RnB, pop, etc. Name a few bands you like the most.

IF YOU HIRED US FOR VIDEO HIGHLIGHT: Do you like highlight videos with music with words or without?

Who is the designer of your wedding gown? Where was it purchased?

Who is the designer of groom's attire? Where was it purchased?

Who is your caterer? Name, email and phone

Who is your DJ or band? Name, email and phone

Who is your florist? Name, email and phone.

Who are hair and makeup? Name, email and phone.

Who was your cake baker? Name, email and phone.

Venue contact - name, email and phone.

How long have you known each other? Where did you meet?

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