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“We do really love our photos, you guys so perfectly captured how we felt on our wedding day.” Logan and Hope

Logan and Hope:  Married at St. Jude Catholic Church – Mansfield, TX on 7/18/15

Tell us a little about you.  When did you meet your fiancé? How long have you been together? How did you know he was the one?
Logan and I met each other freshman year of high school. He was actually dating my best friend Nicole at the time. She brought him to a youth game night at St. Jude so he could meet all her friends and we all got along well. They eventually chose to be just friends, and all three of us grew close. So by the time sophomore year came along we were flirting and decided to give it a shot. We grew inseparable pretty quickly as we finished up high school and eventually decided to go to college together at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. I studied Mass Communications and he majored in Health Studies, and while we were there we made lots of great memories. So long story short, we’ve been together for 7 and a half years. There was never an exact moment that we knew we were meant to be, but our senses of humor are perfect compliments and we are always laughing together.

How did you go about selecting your wedding photographer? (First thing on the list or last thing?, etc. )
When we were hunting for a photographer, we rifled through lots of wedding magazines, websites and also went to a bridal show. When we were selecting a photographer, we wanted to hire someone who was talented but also made us feel comfortable.. With myself being a recent graduate and Logan still in college, something that fit our budget was also important.  The bridal show was a crazy sensory experience, but that was where we found PHOTOconcepts, who also ended up being our perfect fit.

What made you choose PHOTOconcepts over others?
We ended up choosing PHOTOconcepts because Gus was very professional. Another great thing about him was that even though we were very nervous leading up to the wedding, he made us feel calm and like our photos were in great hands. A few other things that made PHOTOconcepts stand out to us was the quality of the photos and the albums. We also liked that we could purchase a package that was for just the files of our photos, which didn’t require us to choose prints if we didn’t want or couldn’t afford. 

If your friend just got engaged, what advice would you give them about their wedding photography?
For any newly engaged couples, I suggest you meet several photographers and feel them out. We met with 3, and they all were very different in photography style and personality. We definitely went with who made us feel the most secure in our decision as well as how great our photos would be. And we were right about that – all our photos are beautiful and make us smile when we look at them.

Now that you can sit back and enjoy all of your wedding photos, is there anything that surprised you – a detail? … a moment?
As a bride, there are plenty of moments you don’t quite get to see because you are so busy with other things. So it was nice to see friends and family having fun in our photos. But the one moment that was captured that I didn’t know about really stuck out to me. After I was ready and myself and most bridesmaids were out of the room, my little sister Rose started crying and Nicole (the same that introduced me to Logan) was there to comfort her. I had no idea this happened, but from the picture I could tell that Nicole was really being a source of comfort. Seeing this photo brought tears to my eyes as well, because both Nicole and Rose are my sisters and I’m glad they could be there for each other as they have been for me throughout my life.

 DS4_0246_July 18_ 2015


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