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Thank you for choosing to work with us. We are so excited to begin planning your perfect wedding day!


We have shot over 750 weddings so we know what makes a perfect wedding day. We've compiled all our expertise into an easy-to-follow guide to help you in your wedding planning process.


If you have additional questions about your wedding day please reach out to us, we will be happy to help you in any way we can.

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Over the years we have worked with hundreds of wedding vendors in the DFW area. We have partnered with the top wedding vendors in the area to make the wedding planning process easy and stress-free. Book any of our preferred vendors for a top-notch wedding day.



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The Engagement Session

Congrats it's time to plan your engagement session


It's time to celebrate your engagement with images that capture your unique love story!


Checkout our detailed portrait planning guide to get tips on what to wear and how to prepare for your portrait session.

Going Unplugged for your Ceremony

What is an unplugged wedding ceremony


Your wedding day is special so it's understandable why everyone wants to capture it with their phones. Unfortunately, phones can really ruin your ceremony photos. Phones are distracting and can cause disruptions during the ceremony and in your wedding photos.


We recommend that all our couples request a phone free wedding ceremony. Don't worry, we will be there to capture every moment perfectly so no one will miss out on that great photo.


Every wedding package includes a photo release form so you will be able to download and save your wedding images.

If you want to have a phone-free ceremony here are a few tips on how to implement that rule for your guests.


Add a note on the invitations about your no-phone "unplugged" ceremony


Add a note and explanation on your wedding website


Create a cute wedding ceremony sign for a reminder on the day of


Communicate this plan with your wedding planner so they can help implement and kindly remind guests during the ceremony

Wedding Day Timelines

We are here to help you schedule the perfect wedding day timeline that fits your preferences and needs. Explore our two different wedding timeline options below.

First look timeline


We recommend a "first look" to all our brides. It is the best way to organize your wedding photos and allow for a very special moment between you and your spouse. But is a "first look" right for your wedding day? We will give you all the details to discover if a "first look" timeline fits into your wedding.

Traditional timeline


If you've been dreaming of a more traditional wedding day timeline where the bride is revealed for the first time walking down the aisle then a traditional timeline may be best for you. Explore our sample wedding timeline for a traditional aisle reveal.

Wedding Day Weather Conditions

You don't have to be stressed about bad weather on your wedding day. We are fully prepared and experienced to handle any weather conditions.


We have shot in rain and snow; so don't stress. Regardless of the weather we know how to capture the day perfectly. With rain, we recommend a beautiful clear umbrella.


In rare instances, a venue may call for a cancelation in extreme weather conditions. If your venue issues a cancelation we will do our best to work with you to reschedule your wedding day. Please review our wedding photography agreement for a detailed description of our cancellation policies.

Final Image Delivery

Getting your wedding images is a thrilling moment. We will do our very best to edit and deliver your images as quickly as possible. Here are a few notes to keep in mind about your wedding images

  • Images are delivered fully edited
  • On average, we deliver 500-1000 images
  • You will receive a print release for your images
  • You may password protect your gallery, just ask


Images Delivery


We deliver full wedding gallery images 4-6 weeks after your wedding date via an online gallery.


Share with others


Use the share link to send your wedding gallery to friends & family. The password is "cheese"


Download images


Add images to your favorites folder and download your files in high resolution. The resolution you see online is meant for viewing. The high-res should be used for printing.


Saving & Storing


Please download and save all your images to a safe space on your local computer or cloud storage solution. We recommend you do this in multiple places for security.

Got questions?

Get in touch with any questions you have about your wedding day photography & videography needs