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Before the Wedding

Here are a few things we need to accomplish together during the week prior to your wedding:

  1. It is critical that Gus speaks to the bride/groom sometime during the week prior to the wedding.  He will go over all the forms that were filled out back on your signing date.  For some of you, that is more than a year ago and we need to be sure everything it updated.
  2. He will go over your photo list. He gave you a generic list at signing but it’s just a starting place. Please have all important photos needed on this list along with names and who that person is to you.
  3. We also would like for you to assign us a facilitator for the after-ceremony pictures. It needs to be someone in your bridal party or family that knows the majority of your most important guests. This person plays an important role in keeping everyone together so that we can keep the after-ceremony photos down to around 10 – 15 minutes.  After the ceremony, everyone wants to go to the reception or mingle with guests.   We want that for you too!  Please just help us keep this time organized and we promise to finish quickly.
  4. We can answer your questions at any time. However, the “week of the wedding” is a really good time to be sure your questions are answered and that we have all the i’s and t’s crossed/dotted and ready to roll.  When we talk, we will want to confirm start times, venue, other scheduled moments planned for the day, ceremony and reception addresses, coordinator’s name, DJ’s name, and any items you need us to know.
  5. During your wedding, we will have business card size cards available that will guide your guests to our online viewing area.  The card provides the web address, login and password.  If after the wedding, they would like to purchase photos, we will prepare them and have them mailed directly to them.
  6. Remember that the full balance of your photo package is due a minimum of 14 days prior to the wedding date. We take MasterCard, Visa and personal checks.  If it’s easier, you can “pay as you go” and we’ll keep track of your total balance due.