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Album Process

Here is our process.  If you have any questions along the way, please call or text us!

  1. Within 2 weeks (and we try hard to be faster), we will have your wedding photos up on our website. At your wedding, we will have handed out business card sized directions to our website with login and password information. Your guests may purchase photos directly from us and it will be mailed to them.
  2. We will send you an Excel file that will guide you through the creation of your wedding album, parent album or other items in your package. If for some reason you did not received your Excel file after your wedding, please contact us and it will be E-mailed to you.
  3. At the bottom of the Excel file, there are multiple tabs. Click through each tab and become familiar with the contents of each tab.  For example, one tab will be for your main wedding album.  Another tab will be for prints that are included in your package, etc.
  4. Start with refreshing your memory on the package you chose and its contents. It will have the details of your package including the number of photos that can be selected. If you cannot remember or find your contract, we would be happy to scan and E-mail to you.
  5. If your package has 60 images (as an example) for your main wedding album, click to that tab on the Excel file and begin entering the data. You can type or write by hand the information.   We need the photo number which will have a few letters and a long number for each photo.  Write that number in the blank for photo image. Please also include a short description of the photo in the description blank.  The number and description is very important.  We will have taken probably several thousand photos from multiple cameras at your wedding.  We need this information to assure we have the right image.
  6. If you would like to have your photos in a particular order (perhaps different from how the day unfolded as a storybook), please put the images in order and make a note. If nothing is noted, we will do our best to put them in a storybook format.  However, we do not know who your best friend or relatives are, so we may need assistance on how to prioritize these photos in the album.
  7. It is not unusual for the bride/groom to have a very difficult time choosing the number of images in their album. Narrowing down several thousand to 60 or so can be challenging. This number was chosen by us because we believe it allows for just enough photos to fill the album beautifully and artistically. If you would like to add images, it is $3.00 a photo and $30 for a page (includes back and front).  Call us and we can discuss what can be done to accommodate the number of photos you would like to include.
  8. We will design your wedding album however you like. We often use faded detail shots in the background with photos on top.  For example, we would include a detail of your wedding rings or your flowers as the faded image in the background.  In regards to the album, these detail shots are our gift to you.  If we took some photos that you particularly love … please tell us so we can include. In either case, we suggest that you do not pick detail photos to be included in your 60 allowed photos.
  9. The types of albums we have are very unique. We are not aware of any other photographer in the D/FW area that has these books.  After we design and you sign off on it being exactly as you want, it is then sent to a company in Italy to be printed and hand-bound.  There are several different styles.  We have a large display of all the different colors and styles. We would love to show you these or we can E-mail you and discuss on the phone.  Whatever is easiest for you is good with us.
  10. Once we receive your Excel file, we will begin working on your album. It takes several weeks, depending on the time of year. Spring and Summer are usually very busy wedding months. When we start, we will design 4-5 pages and then E-mail you a low resolution pdf file for your review.  A low resolution file is ONLY for you to look at design.  The images will not be good quality. Even at low resolution, the pdf file is a very large file to E-mail.
  11. After looking at the 4-5 pages and if you say you like the direction we are headed, we will continue designing the rest of your album. If you do not like the direction we have started, we’ll talk via E-Mail or phone until we understand the design intent you want. We will again send 4 -5 pages and see if we hit the mark.  If we do, we will then continue with the rest of the album design.
  12. Once complete, we will send you a low resolution pdf file of your entire album. You may switch pictures, designs, colors … really anything you want so that it will be perfect in your eyes. This process generally works very well.  We will get your comments back and resubmit to you.
  13. After we finalize, we will send it to our vendor in Italy. Within a few weeks, they will create a high resolution pdf and return it to us. Due to the size, we will send this to you via DropBox. This is the very last time you will be able to make any changes.  Actually, it’s really important that most all changes are made when we are in the low resolution stage.  Starting a new ticket will add a great deal of time to the process. However, this is your review and it’s for that reason — to be 100% sure that it’s perfect.
  14. Once you sign the release for this final album it will be printed and bound. It takes approximately eight weeks for it to be sent back to us.
  15. Once received, we will call and let you know it’s ready for pick up. Under extreme circumstances, we will ship the album to you. However, we will take no responsibility for the loss or damage to the album by the carrier. It will need to be fully insured. In our eyes, the risk is just too great. We do understand there are some truly difficult situations (military deployment) that require it to be shipped.