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Bridal Checklist

Bridal portraits are our favorite!  Each portrait takes special time and creativity to capture the bride’s personality and beauty.   Having the bridal portrait taken weeks before the wedding allows the bride to choose from the many photos and find “Your Portrait.” This also allows time for touch-ups or artsy filters, if desired.  We encourage our brides to have this portrait taken so that she will have amazing photos of her in her dress and be able to have a framed portrait at the entrance of her wedding for everyone to “oooo and awww” over!  Some prefer to take these photos on the day of their wedding.  That works too but we do have to be sure we have plenty of time to do them prior to guests arriving.

We will discuss in detail what the bride wants from her portrait ranging from high fashion to poses that express her unique personality.  We will go anywhere in the D/FW area for this session and if there is an additional entrance fee, the bride will pay just that amount.

This session will also allow her to be more comfortable with us prior to the wedding and how her hair and dress feel for a longer period of time.  Most bridal engagements take up to an hour and half to complete. This time allows us to learn which poses are most flattering. We can provide many recommendations for venues if the bride isn’t sure of the best location.  Bridal sessions are all about the bride.  Whether you want tradition elegant or something more personal, we will work hard to make this session fun and magical.

Here are some tips:

  1. Begin working with us to select a date for your bridal portrait at least two to three months ahead of your wedding. If the location is outdoors, we may want to reschedule if a hurricane blows through that day.  I laugh, but Texas weather has its moments of being just nuts.  Having the time to reschedule for a better day is a really nice buffer.  We can get your portrait printed and framed within a week but sometimes rushing doesn’t always work.
  2. Bring your mom or best friend (or both) with you to this appointment. Generally, it helps to make the session more fun but it is also very helpful to have assistance with your dress, hair/makeup, and to help carry your gear.
  3. Bring one or more white sheets. This is especially helpful when taking portraits outdoors.  We are careful to keep your dress clean.  When you look at our example bridal portraits (including the rusty wheelbarrow portrait), we always have a white sheet under the dress.
  4. Do not forget your engagement ring and other jewelry. Again, it sounds like a bit of a joke but we’ve had it happen a few times.  The bride runs out of the house in a hurry and this important jewelry is left.
  5. If you want flowers in your photo, this would be a good time for your florist to make you a test bouquet. If you do not have that option, then consider some very real-looking artificial flowers.  Or, you can also stop at a market and get some fresh flowers.  Just dry-off and tie a ribbon around them.  Just a few can go a long way in a photo.
  6. Another important item to be sure you have is your veil. Most brides have photos taken with and without their veil but it is really nice to have those options.  A veil can make for some very dramatic photographs.
  7. Bring a changes of shoes. Most locations that we shoot bridals at, do require some walking.  We would suggest bringing a pair of flip flops or slip on shoes for the time between photos. Plus, we can use your wedding day shoes as a prop in the photos.  Prior to this session, it’s a great time to have had a manicure and pedicure. Fingers and toes always show in photos.
  8. Consider bringing props. Many of our brides have special items to personalize their portrait. These have included golf clubs, basketballs, pumpkins, wedding date cards, etc.
  9. If you are having your portrait taken in the hot part of the year, we suggest someone brings a large umbrella to provide you additional shade and fans.
  10. Bring a large amount of water and Gatorade.
  11. Bring a small makeup touch-up kit and hairspray along with plenty of bobby pins. This is when a mom or best friend come in handy at the session.  If you are having your makeup or hair professional done, please add more time than they say it will take.  They are always late. (ha!)
  12. Lastly and most importantly, call, text or email Gus the day before and make sure everyone has the correct time and place.  Confusion rarely happens but we sure do not want it to happen to you!