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About Us

We are often asked what sets us apart from other photographers.  We will address some of the most popular questions we have been asked. If you do not find your question/answer here … please contact us and we’ll provide you any information you require.

WE HAVE ALMOST TWENTY YEARS OF EXPERIENCE in all types of photography with a large concentration on bridal and wedding photography. That includes hundreds of successful weddings, each different and unique to the bride/groom. Our job is to detail their personal love story. We try to post at least a few photos from each event on our Facebook but you can also view our website for more example photos.

VENUE KNOWLEDGE is also very important.  In the last 20-years, we have photographed at all the most popular venues in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. This is very important to assure proper lighting, knowledge of the best “spots” to take photos and an understanding of the venue’s rules for vendors. We do our best to keep things moving smoothly and efficiently.

OUR BROAD-BASED EXPERIENCE also facilitates a smooth wedding photography experience. Every wedding has small things that do not go as planned.  It may require friends, family and vendors to react on their feet and know how to handle unforeseen challenges.  PHOTOconcepts has just that experience.  We will stay behind the scenes but will always help in keeping the bride and groom comfortable and assured that we are capturing their wedding as planned.  We pack backup cameras (as many as five cameras), numerous lenses, batteries, etc. to every wedding.  We plan for just about
any photographic issue. Our equipment is also the best on the market today. There is a huge quality difference between professional grade equipment (we have approximately 30-40k invested in cameras alone) and point-and-shoot general consumer cameras.  We carry Nikon’s Flagship cameras, the D5’s and D4’s.  (  After the wedding and the cake is all gone … your photos are what is left to cherish your beautiful day.  We highly suggest that you do not leave those memories to chance with a non-professional or with consumer-grade camera.

PACKAGE PRICES in the wedding industry contains every level of photographer and experience. With that, you will also find a wide variety of prices for your event.  Aside from wedding experience, we have a large array of equipment and associate photographers to cover each wedding. PHOTOconcepts is not a high-end priced photographer nor are we on the very low-end. We are somewhere in between which allows us to enjoy our job and still be affordable.

PHOTOconcepts COMMUNICATES with each wedding party, family and friends by placing your wedding event on the internet.  With a password, they can enter and view and purchase photos directly from us.  In a typical six hour wedding, we produce anywhere from 1500-3000 images.  Each color and light corrected.

WE OFFER the most beautiful and unique wedding albums available on the market today. Every year, we conduct research on new albums. We evaluate their price, quality and variety of choices. We currently use a company from Italy. We would love the opportunity to show you our album choices. If your package has an album, we work with our couples on the different choices of albums.  Once the couple has picked the number of images to be used in their wedding album, we design a draft.  We then send a PDF for approval.  This will continue (back and forth) until the couple is happy with the final result. It is only then that we send the photos to Italy to be printed into an album.  Their turn-around is as quick as (or better) than those we have used in the United States.  We have been working with them for several years now and have never had a problem with them.

LASTLY, WE ARE NOT SALESPEOPLE.  We will not try to “up-sell” you on any item or package.  Our brochure is very detailed.  However, if you do not see exactly what you want in a wedding/bridal package …we will create one for you. We fully understand that your wedding photography is a huge commitment and responsibility.  We encourage you to do as much research and comparisons you need to make the right decision for you. We have many full wedding albums to share with you and are always happy to talk and answer as many questions you may have.  Feel free to set an appointment with us knowing we will not assume you are there to sign with us.  You will not be pressured in any way.  We believe our work will speak for itself. We also carry liability insurance. While we have it … it is not something we have ever had to use in the last twenty years.

WE FEEL HONORED by the bride and grooms that have hired us.  We work very hard to make their precious moments last forever. Even more special is when the couples come back with their children and the tradition carries on.  We love to visit and photograph all our past wedding families.  Life is full of blessings.